The course is jam packed with other short instructional videos, tips, and techniques.

Welcome to your course
Welcome to your course!
Whole Wheat
Fundamentals of Laminated Doughs
What is Sugar?
Rolling Dough
How To Roll
Basics of Scaling
Basics of Eggs
Basics of Butter
Basics of Milk & Cream
Aged Egg Whites
Gluten Wash
Let's Try an Example
What is a Proof Box
Sugar Acts as a Preservative
Understanding Foodborne Illness
Basics of Mixing & Folding
Tools for Mixing & Folding
Basics of Whipping
Fundamentals of Yeasted Laminated Doughs
Enriched Dough w/ Yeast
Fundamentals of Breadmaking
Biga Starter Dough
Fermented Dough
Basics of the Baking Process
Convection Ovens
Small Hand Tools
Different Types of Sugars
Basics of Piping
Equipment for Piping
Egg Whites
Sponge-Yeasted Starter
Styles of Butter
Types of Milk
Understanding Bacteria
Structure Roles
How to Fold
Whipping Egg Whites
What is the Base Temperature System
Calculating the Temperature of the Liquid Added to the Dough
The Benefits of Steam
Sugar Syrups
Fitting & Filling a Pastry Bag
Using a Digital Scale
Using Volumetric Measuring
Egg Coagulation
Proper Cooking Temperatures
Cooked and Cooled Temperatures
Storing Food
Adding Light Mixtures to Heavy
Whipping Egg Yolks
Check Your Answers
Mixing Bowls
Small Appliances
Pots & Pans
Solid Content & Sweeting Power of Sugars
How to Pipe Using a Pastry Bag
Adding Multiple Mixtures at Once
Whipping Whole Eggs
Bread Making Accessories
Bake Pans, Liners & Racks
Sugar Acts as a Tenderizer
Paper Cones or Cornets
Whipping Cream
Testing the Gluten Window
The Maillard Reaction
Filling a Paper Cone or Cornet
The Poolish Yeasted Starter
Rings & Molds
Cake Pans
Specialty Molds
How to Pipe Using a Paper Cone or Cornet
White Sugars
Egg Yolks
Whipped and Light Butter
Melted Butter
Building Structure
How Fat Affects Egg Coagulation
Sugar Changes Textures
Brown Sugars
Whole Eggs
Cultured Butter
Butter Fat Content
Tenderizing Structure
How Sugar Affects Egg Coagulation
Stablizing Water & Fat
Dry Butter or Beurre Sec
Crème Fraîche & Sour Cream
How Acid Affects Egg Coagulation
Raw Butter or Beurre Cru
How Starch Affects Egg Coagulation
Versatility of Butter
Melting Point
Clarified Butter, Ghee & Brown Butter